Henrik Persicke

Business Psychologist

My Purpose: Adding value to your business! How?

As a business psychologist I aim to improve the organisational environment for the human, by talent management and organisational development.

Talent Management

Assessment Solutions

I understand that it becomes increasingly difficult to receive job applications from suitable candidates. When you do receive applications you want to be sure that you are hiring people with the right mindset and know in advance how much you need to invest to train them with the right skill set (if necessary). I will tailor assessment solutions for your needs by applying empirical methods that will enhance the candidate experience and will help you to select the right one.


Employee Experience

There are many consultants out there who will sell you what your employees need (in their opinion). In my view, consulting starts with a problem and need analysis. I'm qualified to use robust, scientific methods which will give you an indepth inside of the experience your employees have. We will find for example the reasons of your fluctuation rate, performance or engagement and I will help you to improve.


Interview Training

You want to enable your Human Ressources employees and Hiring Managers to conduct job interviews that allow unbiased decisions and increase the candidate experience. I will tailor the training to your hiring process and interview catalogue. If you haven't got a standardized process and interview in place yet, I will enable your employees to that.


Re- and Upskilling

The digital transformation is changing jobs. Qualifications and skills become obsolete. In times of the demographic change and a shortage of skilled workers you can't afford to let people go. Instead of making your employees redundant I will assess for transferrable skills on an individual level and will consult where they fit within the company including an individual development plan.


Talent Assessment

Leadership demands are increasing in a VUCA world. Before promoting your talent, let me assess for leadership potential. Regular management audits will ensure that your current leaders are still equipped for the actual challenges. This will reduce the risk of burn out on the individual level and increase organisational effectiveness.



Organisational Development

Agile Coach

You want your team to become more customer focussed and create value by developing products and services that serve the needs of your consumers. I'm trained and experienced in typical agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, Lean Start-up... In my view an agile coach moderates between the interests of the development team and product owner (vis versa) with a strong solution and customer orientation.


Design Thinking & Innovation Methodologies

Employees are one of the best sources of new ideas that will develop your business. Let's enable them to test their ideas before an expensive implementation. Part of the training is to solve a real problem of your business and to create a first prototype. The investment into these trainings can help you to win unexpected business opportunities.


Human Factors

On paper your plans might look perfect - may it be a merger or acquisition, internal change initiative, new product launch or a software implementation. However, human factors are difficult to predict and therefore cause failure in many cases. As a business psychologist I will research the human factors that are critical for your success and will help you to tackle them strategically.


Learning Architecture

In a rapidly changing world your employees have to be live long learners and your workplace needs to be a learning organization. I will help you to design learning concepts that are appealing and motivating for your employees to obtain new skills and change behaviour.


Meeting Effectiveness

Decision makers spend many hours per week in meetings. Let's define an effective meeting agenda and enable everyone to make valuable decisions in a shorter time period. I will observe your meetings and will provide you with meaningful feedback.


Organisational Climate

Leaders in particular shape the organisational climate and the climate evolves over time to a culture. It is often the culture that determines the success of transformation and change initiatives. First of all, I will assess your climate and enable your leaders to eliminate toxic vibes and influence the climate towards a change and innovation culture.


Team Conflicts

How many projects and product developments are delayed or postboned because of conflicts?! In some cases the conflicts are hidden and fought in political and diplomatic manner which wastes personal energy, time and money. Let me moderate these conflicts as an independent party and use my advocacy for solution oriented conversations and my ability to listen neutrally.


User Research

You want to make sure that your product or service meets customer needs. I will help you to understand the behaviour, needs and motivations of your customers/users by applying scientific methods such as observing, customer centric interviews and task analysis. This will decrease the risk of failed investments and will help you to focus on things that matter most - your cumstomer!


Workshop Facilitation

In a workshop the solution should be the center of attention and not certain interests or persons including the moderator. I will channel the individual interests towards a higher cause and empathetically help the participants to gain common ground. Workshop participants will be enabled to solve their own problems and make impactful decisions.


Let's get talking!

My purpose, adding value to your business, becomes only true if I understand you correctly. I would like to get to know you personally and the value you are meant to be creating.






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